Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Mainstreaming Sustainability

This was the 10th in the series of free Landmark Planning CPD events at the Parcel Yard over the last five years.

Two guests this time, from Citu and East Midlands Housing Group presented their most ambitious energy efficient schemes for 15 minutes in an informative and entertaining way.

Jonathan Wilson from Yorkshire developer, Citu, focussed on their large scale private sector scheme at the Climate Innovation District in Leeds. 

Not only is the scheme innovative in terms of reducing energy use within the dwellings it is much more comprehensive. Space is saved by largely eliminating car parking and not creating vast turning areas and access for emergency vehicles. Private / public space boundaries fences are eliminated. The timber frames of the dwellings are all built at a factory on site, while innovative working multi skilled work teams help to secure real quality. Air tightness standards are high and insulation is recycled glass. Even a primary school is going to be built on site and a new bridge over the River Aire to significantly improve connectivity. . It all came over as very exciting; while surprising to as all in the audience, was a resident of their first scheme at Little Kelham, Sheffield who seemed equally enthused.

The second presentation by Wayne Evans and Purnima Wilkinson was very much a contrast of a Housing Association passivhaus scheme in Leicester. This presentation was much more technical, rather than evangelical, focussing on the construction details of an exclusively two storey housing scheme. That is no criticism; more it emphasised the synergy between the two presentations, but still allowed joint discussions on technical matters, such as timber frame use and how much detail and none blame culture is needed to achieve difficult targets in matters such as excellent air tightness.

The discussion that followed was lively and did not hesitate for a minute. In the usual fashion it was followed by small groups discussing the presentations in the bar for which the Parcel Yard is well suited. Thank you so much Jonathan, Wayne and Purnima.

Copies of the powerpoint presentations can be obtained by emailing